Alcohol-Impaired Driving: A Persistent Issue and Technological Solutions

Alcohol-Impaired Driving: A Persistent Issue and Technological Solutions

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Alcohol-impaired drivers continue to be a significant cause of accidents on our roads. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every 53 minutes, a life is tragically lost due to an alcohol-related crash. This alarming statistic underscores the critical need for everyone to abstain from drinking and driving. Fortunately, advancements in technology have provided tools that can assist individuals in making safer choices.

Drink Tracking Apps

A proactive approach to prevent drinking and driving involves monitoring your alcohol consumption to estimate your blood alcohol level (BAC). Apps such as Alcodroid (available only on Android) and ENDUI enable users to log their drinks. These apps use various data points, including alcohol content, body weight, and time, to estimate the user’s BAC. Some even include games to test reflexes. However, it’s crucial to remember that these apps provide approximations, not precise BAC measurements. Therefore, even if the app indicates your BAC is below the legal limit, your actual BAC may differ.

Safe Transportation Alternatives

If you find yourself unfit to drive, it’s essential to have alternative transportation options. Thanks to app-based ride services like Uber and Lyft, users can conveniently request a ride home. Other apps, such as SaferRide, feature a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to call a taxi, identify their current location, or even contact a pre-designated friend. These apps have significantly simplified the process of securing a safe ride home.

Breathalyzers drunk driving

For a more accurate BAC estimate, users can opt for actual breathalyzer devices. Apps like Alcohoot and Breathometer pair with special breathalyzers that connect to your phone’s audio port, providing a more reliable BAC estimate than drink tracking apps. However, caution is still advised when assessing your ability to drive. While the apps are free, specific breathalyzer devices are required for the apps to function correctly. These apps also offer easy access to services for getting a ride home or finding nearby amenities like restaurants and hotels.

Rob Levine Law App: A Community-Driven Approach to Safety

In addition to the technological solutions mentioned above, there are also community-driven initiatives that aim to prevent alcohol-impaired driving. One such initiative is the “We <3 Double D’s, Designated Drivers, that is…” program by the Rob Levine Law App1.

The Rob Levine Law App is a comprehensive mobile application introduced by Rob Levine Law. The app is not just about safety, it’s about community1. It includes a Holiday Safe Ride feature, which ensures members of our community have a safe way to get home if they’ve been out drinking and may have overindulged during a holiday.

How Does the Holiday Safe Ride Feature Work?

It’s simple! All you have to do is download the app from the Google Playstore or the Apple Store and get your free taxi certificate. Then, a participating taxi driver will pick you up and bring you home, and Rob Levine Law will pick up the tab.

The Safe Ride feature is active on numerous holidays. This includes New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Eve, and Christmas Eve. Traffic accidents increase during holidays because of the surge of travelers and celebration. With this app, you can get home safely to your family during the holidays.

Stay Connected with Rob Levine Law

With the Rob Levine Law App, you can stay updated on the latest news, events, and updates from Rob Levine Law. Be a part of their community initiatives and help them make a difference.

Remember, with July 4th just around the corner, consider using the Rob Levine Law App if you are celebrating in the Providence area. As always, drive cautiously, safely, and never drive while under the influence.

While these technological tools can be helpful, they are not a substitute for responsible drinking. The safest choice is always to avoid drinking if you plan to drive or to designate a sober driver. Stay safe!

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