Drunk Driving Prevention Apps

Drunk Driving Prevention Apps


Drink tracker

Alcohol-impaired drivers account for a vast majority of the accidents on the road. According to the Centers for Disease Control, a person dies every 53 minutes due to an alcohol-related crash. This staggering number means that it is increasingly more important to ensure that you and your loved ones refrain from drinking and driving. Luckily, technology has made it easier for drunk individuals to step away from the steering wheel.

Drink Trackers

One way to stop drinking and driving is to keep track of the drinks you’ve consumed to get a rough estimate of your blood alcohol level. Apps like Alcodroid (Android only) and ENDUI allow users to jot down the drinks they’ve consumed. By using other data such as alcohol content, body weight, time, and other factors, the app helps users to calculate their estimated BAC. Some apps even have games that test your reflexes. Although these apps can be incredibly helpful, it is important to note that they should be used with caution. The calculations are not exact, so even if the application shows that your BAC is below the legal limit, your actual blood alcohol content may be different.

Safe Ride Home

If you are no longer fit to drive, it’s important to have other options to get home. With popular app-based taxi services like Uber and Lyft, users can easily request a ride home without much hassle. Other apps like SaferRide have a simple interface that allows individuals to call a cab, find their current location, and even call a designated friend. These mobile applications have made it incredibly simple for individuals to find a safe ride home.

Breathalyzers drunk driving

For a more accurate BAC estimate, users have to option of using an actual breathalyzer. Applications such as Alcohoot and Breathometer use special breathalyzers that connect to your phone’s audio port. This option creates a far more reliable estimate than the drink tracking apps, but it is still wise to be cautious about your ability to drive. Although the apps are free, specific breathometers are required for the app to function as intended. The applications also offer easy controls for getting a ride home or finding nearby restaurants, hotels, and more.

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