Motorcycle Rides Around Rhode Island

Motorcycle Rides Around Rhode Island

There is nothing like getting out on the open road for a ride on your motorcycle during the gorgeous summer months. The following are some great day trip ideas for motorcycle riders that offer scenic routes.

Putnam Pike

Route 44, or Putnam Pike as referred to by locals, begins in the center of Providence and heads toward the border of Connecticut. This route takes you through picturesque small towns including Gloucester, Smithfield, and Greenville. Other attractions along this route include Pascoag Reservoir, Hawkins Pond Town Forest, and Waterman’s Reservoir.

Distance: 25 miles (one way)

Time: 40 minutes (one way)

Middletown to Newport

Heading south on Route 138 in Middletown, break off to Route 138A and stay the course until you cross over Easton Pond. Continue straight until you reach the piers. Then take a left on Thames Street and follow this south until it ends. Then, take a right on Carroll Ave shortly followed by a right on to Harrison Ave. Stay on Harrison Ave for roughly 2.5 miles, then turn right on to Castle Hill Ave. This will lead you to Ocean Ave. From there, you will swing by Brenton Point State Park and cruise through the Ocean Drive Historic District with open views of the ocean. If you want to extend your stay in beautiful Newport, loop back around to Thames Street to enjoy their amenities with plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from.

Distance: 14 miles (one way)

Time: 40 minutes (one way)

Backdoor to Newport

Start your journey at the top of Rhode Island where Route 146 and Route 102 meet. Continue driving on Route 102 South for approximately 40 miles until it you reach Route 1A and head south again. After 4 miles, switch over to Route 138. This route will take you over two bridges and across Conanicut Island. Keep in mind that the Newport Bridge requires a toll. Once off the second bridge, follow Farewell Street until you reach downtown Newport where you will be able to visit the many shops and restaurants located there.

Distance: 55 miles (one way)

Time: 1.5 hours (one way)

Jamestown Loop

Take a ride around Conanicut Island for a scenic route filled with farmland and beaches. Enter Conanicut Island by going over the Jamestown Bridge via Route 138. Turn right on to North Road, eventually merging on to Southwest Ave. As you cross over Mackerel Cove, Southwest Ave will turn in to Beavertail Road. Follow this down to the southern tip of the island and Beavertail Point. Here you will find the Beavertail Lighthouse Museum and a practically panoramic view of the ocean. Follow Beavertail Road back up to Mackerel Cove and continue straight on to Hamilton Ave. Turn left on Walcott Ave (which will later turn in to Conanicus Ave) and then bear right on to E Shore Road. This road will lead you to the northern tip of the island where you will find the Conanicut Island Lighthouse. Turn left on to Summit Ave until you reach N Main Road and then follow it until you can rejoin Route 138.

Distance: 20 miles

Time: 45 minutes

Scenic Route to the Narragansett Bay

Start in Smithfield, near Bryant University, and head south on Route 116 to Route 14 West. Jump on to Route 102 South until you reach Route 3 South, eventually getting on to Route 138. Your last turn will be on to Route 108 South. This will take you all the way down to Narragansett and the Point Judith Lighthouse. This route will take you along twisting roads and through small towns with a lot of natural scenery. When you reach the Point Judith Lighthouse, you will be rewarded with wonderful ocean views. (This route requires tolls)

Distance: 60 miles (one way)

Time: 1 hour 40 minutes (one way)

Western Loop

This loop will take you along hills, curves, and straight roads through western Rhode Island and briefly into eastern Connecticut. Start on Route 138 West, turning on to Route 1A to end up on Route 102 heading north. Turn left on to Route 14, eventually turning into Route 14A. Continue on this path until you get to Route 49 heading south. Follow Route 49 South until you can turn left on to Route 165 East. Then, take Route 3 north and rejoin the original path going east on Route 102. Natural attractions include Beach Pond, Boone Lake, Hammitt Hill, and Pine Hill. You will also pass many shopping and restaurant options.

Distance: 68 miles

Time: 1 hour 40 minutes

Misquamicut Beach

This shorter route in the southwest of Rhode Island leads to the beautiful Misquamicut Beach. Start in Richmond, Rhode Island, and head take Route 112 South into Charlestown. There, you will head west on Route 1, breaking off on to Route 1A, taking a left on to Winnapaug Road until you can turn right on to Atlantic Avenue. You will pass by several stops along the way such as the Indian Cedar Swamp Management Area, Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge, and Burlingame State Park and Management Area. Atlantic Ave will present you with several beaches, the most famous of which is Misquamicut Beach.

Distance: 20 miles (one way)

Time: 30 minutes (one way)

Take advantage of the wonderful weather by taking your motorcycle out for a ride while exploring the beautiful state of Rhode Island.

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