Being a Good Passenger Prevents Car Accidents

Being a Good Passenger Prevents Car Accidents


According to the CDC, over 3 million people are injured each year from car accidents on U.S. roads. Most of these accidents are preventable and are due to the carelessness of someone else. Distracted or unfocused driving accounts for over 20% of all car accidents that end with injuries. Distracted driving can include talking on the phone, texting, eating, grooming and just talking to others in the car. Having a good passenger is just as important as have a good driver.

Passenger Expectations:

Having a quality passenger can make all the difference when dealing with the distracting world we live in. Your passenger can be there for you by reminding you not to text or make an unsafe decision. They can act as a way to calm you down if you get road rage. A passenger can sometimes help you by watching your blind spots, to prevent accidents.

It is the responsibility of a passenger not to cause too much distraction while someone is driving. For instance talking loud, having loud music or anything else that might take the driver’s attention away from the road. The better passenger you can be, the safer everyone in the car will be!

Driver Expectations:

Whenever you get into your vehicle, you are nonverbally telling those around you that you are responsible for all of your actions. Car accidents can be very dangerous because of the high speed, flammable liquids and unknown factors involved. Do your part to stay focused and not have distraction around you while you are on the road.

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