Road Trip Tips


School is out and summer is finally here. This is the time we all have been dreaming about during the long and shivering winter. It is time for late nights, warm weather, and many adventures. With the kids being out and fun to be had, there is a lot more traffic on the road and many more precautions to take. Many families and friends take this season to vacation and road trip; here are a few road trip tips to take with you on your adventure:

Have your car serviced

It is recommended that your car is serviced before any road trip longer than three hours.  The mechanic will make sure your tires are filled, brake lights are on, oil is changed, and that your car is in adequate condition to make the trek. Driving long distance when your car is not maintained properly raises the risk of break downs and accidents.

Know your route and have a back up

Before headed on a road trip be aware of where you are going and what route you are going to take. Technologies such as a GPS can help you find your way, but bring a map route too in case your phone/GPS glitches or dies. Knowing where you are going will keep you more calm on the road and will prepare you for the drive.

Travel with a friend

The buddy system will help you stay safe and alert. A passenger can help navigate so you are not distracted while driving. It is also useful to switch off driving so  each person can get a break from concentrating on the road.

Take breaks while driving

It is so important to take breaks while driving to stretch your legs, rest your eyes, hydrate, and eat. It is very easy to get into a driving funk and become fatigued and ill during a long trip; taking small breaks and drinking a lot of water will help minimize this feeling. It is also important if you do take a break to not stay in the car without an open window or the AC on. A vehicle turned off heats up very quickly and could suffocate and overheat the person in it.

Keep your eyes on the road

Finally and most importantly stay alert while driving. During a long drive it may be tempting to check your phone or look for something in your bag, DON’T; pull over if you need to do anything but drive. If you become tired and it becomes difficult to concentrate on the road take a break, if not you risk falling asleep at the wheel.

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