Rob Levine Interviewed On Veterans Disability

Rob Levine Interviewed On Veterans Disability

Attorney Rob Levine, Rhode Island Army National Guard
Attorney Rob Levine, Rhode Island Army National Guard

We all like to play favorites. We all have a favorite color, favorite food and favorite TV show. However, when it comes to work, it’s hard for Rob Levine to pick a favorite case, or even a specialty. Whether working on a personal injury or disability case, Rob says that each one is important to him, as they are all major events in people’s lives. However, when pushed, he does bring up how the veterans disability cases are special to him. As a former military police officer in the Army National Guard, Rob has worked first hand with the brave men and women who put their lives on the line defending the United States.

Each of these returning disabled veterans is entitled to certain benefits. Depending on their disabilities, ranging from the obviously physical to the less noticeable emotional and mental, veterans are given a rating that determines the amount of benefits they receive.

Rarely does the Department of Veterans Affairs succeed in their efforts to provide adequate benefits to returning veterans when it comes to disability claims, as their processes and paperwork can often be a struggle for those trying to apply. Many times veterans are either denied benefits, or given lower ratings than their injuries or illnesses deserve.

“These are people that have sacrificed a piece of themselves for our country,” he says. “They deserve our respect and dignity, and our country doesn’t always give them that.”

It is because of this that Rob decided to add veterans disability cases to his law firm’s practice. “These cases can take so long to resolve,” he mentions. “There’s a maze of paperwork and red tape which can really cause frustration.”

At Rob Levine and Associates, a qualified veterans disability lawyer is ready to listen to every individual’s situation and work with them to figure out the best way to proceed. Whether your case can be won at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals or needs to be taken even further to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, Rob and his veterans disability lawyers are committed to getting your case solved quickly, getting you the benefits you deserve.

Rob Levine & Associates concentrates in Personal Injury throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts, as well as Social Security Disability and Veterans Benefits throughout the country. As “The Heavy Hitter ®” Rob Levine not only works hard on your case, but also believes in making a positive impact in the communities he serves. Through internal resources, education and volunteerism, Rob Levine & Associates strives to help prevent accidents, as well as raise awareness around the needs of our elderly and returning veterans. For more information visit , call 401.529.1222 or toll free at 888-533-7507.


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