Teen Driving Safety Programs

Teen Driving Safety Programs

Sending your teen out on the road as a newly licensed driver is an exciting time for him or her — and likely a terrifying time for you. Parents carefully teach their children about safety and protect them as they grow, knowing that one day this level of independence will become a reality.

We all understand the dangers on the road, and teen drivers are especially susceptible to distractions that can cause accidents. Their inexperience puts them at a disadvantage to react properly to unexpected situations, and they often overcompensate if they find themselves making an error. Auto accidents are the number-one killer of teenagers, according to the National Safety Council.

Giving your teens the best tools to learn about and value the importance of safe driving is your best approach to keeping them safe from harm on the roadways. There are several options for driver safety education programs available to families. Read on for more information about the programs that might be available.

Teen Driving Safety Programs

The following programs are designed to help teens and parents of teens stay safe during the critical months following new driver’s licensure. Explore the options and determine what approach will best serve your family’s needs. 

  • teenSmart: This program was established in 1999 and has been offering safety certifications to teen drivers ever since. The software-based educational course includes computer-based driving tutorials, activities for parents and teens to do together, and a certification test to check comprehension at the end of the course. Parents can purchase the award-winning course online. Many insurance companies offer discounts for teenSmart drivers.
  • DriveitHOME Parent Initiative: The DriveitHOME program provides resources for parents to use when educating teen drivers on safety. The materials available through this program are created by parents specifically for other parents and include practice ideas, educational videos and interactive resources. The community atmosphere of the website encourages feedback and input from parents and offers a weekly newsletter via email.
  • Toyota’s Teen Drive 365: This program is administered by Toyota auto manufacturers and includes online videos, mutual driving pledges that can be taken by parents and teens together, live events throughout the United States, and educational information, all free of charge.
  • AAA Keys2Drive: AAA, the nationwide auto club, offers tools for teen drivers to begin driving safely. The website provides tools for parents, a parent/teen safety pledge, access to driving instruction schools or programs in your area. Also available through AAA is the Smartstart program, which offers education email newsletters containing safety topics for your teen driver.
  • Insurance company teen driver programs: You should consider contacting your auto insurer to inquire about what programs might be available for your teen driver. Many insurance companies offer teen driver education programs at no additional cost to you, and the successful completion of these programs may entitle you to policy discounts.

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