Truvolo for Teen Drivers

Truvolo for Teen Drivers

The safety of teenage drivers should be at the forefront of the minds of parents across the country. While many teenage drivers remain unscathed while driving, many others don’t enjoy the same fate. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that 2,700 teen drivers aged 16 to 19 were killed in wrecks in 2010 alone, with nearly 282,000 sent to the emergency room with injuries.

Recently, entrepreneurs developed a new device that helps monitor teens while driving, providing trip updates and other information to parents back at home. Parents across the country may find benefits of Truvolo for teen drivers. 

How does Truvolo for teen drivers work? 

In order to access and relay information to others, the Truvolo device first must be plugged into a car’s diagnostics port, a standard feature on modern automobiles. When the car is started, the self-diagnostic feature of the Truvolo device begins to function and reports on internal functions that may not be working correctly.

Once the car starts moving, the Truvolo device uses the built-in accelerometer to measure a variety of factors, such as abrupt acceleration, deceleration and swerving. The device will send alerts if the driver speeds and will provide a notification when he or she reaches a destination. Of course, so as not to distract the driver, the Truvolo device monitors the events of the trip in real time but only relays the information after reaching the destination.

How do parents get information from Truvolo devices? 

Gathering information relayed from the Truvolo device is simple; all it takes is an iPhone or Android phone and the related Truvolo app. The device itself sells for $99. Once the app is installed on the phone, users will have full access to the data reported by the Truvolo device.

How Parents Can Use Data from Truvolo about Their Teen Drivers

Truvolo is a new product, and its effectiveness in helping teen drivers stay safe on the road has yet to be discovered, although its premise is certainly promising. Most important, Truvolo for teen drivers is another defense available to concerned parents who want to keep their teens as safe as possible when they get behind the wheel.

Monitoring teens’ driving behavior is a convenience that wasn’t available to parents in the past, though many would likely have jumped at the opportunity. Parents can view whether their teens are speeding or driving dangerously and take appropriate action. It may indicate they need more training before getting behind the wheel unsupervised. It also may mean parents should enforce consequences of breaking household rules regarding safe driving.

Parents can use Truvolo for teen drivers to make sure they arrive at their intended destination, whether their destination is school, an afterschool job or the movies with friends.

Truvolo can help plan for maintenance on the car. The Truvolo website states that the device can show “[p]redictive warnings of engine trouble” as well as “trip reports that show you how much you are spending on fuel and how fuel efficient your car is.”

Call Rob Levine if Your Teen Has Been in a Crash

Truvolo can be one way to ensure that your teen is safe when operating a motor vehicle. But in the event that your teen is hurt in a wreck, speak with an attorney to learn about legal avenues to recover compensation if another driver caused the accident.

At Rob Levine & Associates, we can help you understand your options and begin building your claim immediately. Call Rob Levine, the Heavy Hitter ®, at 1-800-529-1222 to discuss your teen’s accident.

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