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While many veterans are aware that Camp Lejeune’s water was contaminated for decades, most do not know that other military bases had contamination that is harmful to veterans’ health. Decades later, veterans now experience unprecedented rates of cancer diagnoses that can be linked back to exposures during their military service.



How Our Veterans Disability Team Can Help

In some VA disability exposure claims, the success of your case depends on your ability to prove that you were exposed to a hazard, contaminant, or chemical that adversely impacted your health. At Rob Levine & Associates, our team has decades of experience advocating for veterans by doing cutting-edge research to prove up exposure claims.

We have made the choice to share this research with the general public by creating an interactive Military Base Exposure Map. We believe that all veterans should have access to information about their service that could impact their health. Regardless of whether you want our services, we hope that this information can help you make decisions that produce better health outcomes for your future.

If you are a veteran seeking VA disability benefits for an exposure-related claim, contact us today! Let us fight for the justice you deserve.

How Exposures Can Impact Veteran Health

Sometimes decades after their military service, veterans are diagnosed with serious diseases that can be linked to a military exposure to a hazard, contaminant, or chemical. Some military exposure claims, like those related to Agent Orange, Camp Lejeune, or Burn Pits, do not require any investigative research. In those situations, the exposure is so pervasive and the medical literature is so compelling, that the law requires VA to presume that a veteran’s disability was caused by the exposure. But in other cases, the veteran has to prove (a) that they were exposed, and (b) that the exposure caused their medical condition.

Military exposures often have a devastating impact on veterans’ health, commonly resulting in the following conditions:

  • Various cancers, such as leukemia, respiratory cancer, esophageal cancer, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer, and more
  • Other debilitating conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, heart disease, migraines, respiratory conditions, sleep apnea, kidney disease, digestive conditions, autoimmune diseases such as Lupis, and more

No matter what your diagnosis is, our experienced Veterans Disability team does thorough investigative research to determine whether your medical condition can be connected to an exposure in service. Contact us today for a free VA case evaluation!

FAQs About Your

VA Disability Claim

Can I receive VA disability compensation and continue to work?
In the Social Security disability system, in order to receive benefits, the standard is, "you are not capable of any form of gainful employment.” Unlike Social Security Disability, you can work while receiving VA disability compensation. Your VA disability benefits is based on how your service-connected disabilities impact your ability to work.
Can I receive VA disability compensation and Social Security Disability benefits at the same time?
Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) does not have a barrier to net worth or income provisions. Regardless of the home, the vehicle you own, or investments you've made - or alimony or pension from previous employment, this would not prohibit you from receiving SSDI. Similarly, this would not prohibit you from qualifying and receiving VA disability benefits. Even if you were to qualify for a 100% TDIU rating, you would still qualify for SSDI benefits either under the SSDI guidelines or the VA Disability guidelines.
How long will the VA take to decide my disability case?
The average length of time to adjudicate any claim or appeal depends on many factors, including the type of appeal or claim, the Regional Office, the number of disabilities to decide, any necessary development, and the overall complexity of the case. Cases in the VA’s legacy appeal system can take years. In contrast, the VA has set the following timeliness goal for adjudicating AMA appeals:
  • Supplemental Claims: within 125 days
  • Higher Level Review: within 125 days
  • Board of Veterans’ Appeals – Direct Review Docket: within 365 days
  • Board of Veterans’ Appeals – Evidence and Hearing Docket: over 365 days
Do I have to hire a Veterans Disability lawyer?
No, the VA does not require you to hire a lawyer for your appeal. However, remember that the VA also unfairly denied your benefits. Statistics show that veterans with representation receive more benefits, faster. The Veterans Disability attorneys at Rob Levine & Associates know the law as well as the ins and outs of the VA system. When you combine an experienced, knowledgeable Veterans Disability attorney with a veteran who can assist by explaining the details of the facts of a case, there is no better team to help you get the disability benefits that you deserve.
How to File a Camp Lejeune Cancer Lawsuit
At Rob Levine & Associates, we work for you.  As a Veteran-owned law firm, we strive to ensure that filing a lawsuit is stress free for you and your family.  If you have a case, our attorneys will handle each step of the legal process for you, so you can focus on your health and recovery.   Our claims process includes: 
  •  A free consultation to determine your eligibility.
  • Building a strong case with medical records, testimony, and evidence.  
  • Filing the lawsuit on your behalf
  • Negotiating water contaminations settlement amounts with the defendant.
  • Presenting your case in court if needed.
And, there are no up-front or out-of-pocket costs to you.  Our attorneys only get paid if you do, so there is no financial risk to filing a claim with our team.
What does a Veterans Disability lawyer do?
An effective attorney can put you in a position to win your appeal the first time around, saving you years of disappointment and frustration. Veterans’ claims often get caught in a cycle of denial, appeal, remand, denial, appeal, remand, denial, appeal, remand, and so on. An experienced attorney can effectively present the law and the facts to the VA the first time around, which in many instances gets veterans their disability benefits faster. When you choose our dedicated team of experts at Rob Levine & Associates to represent you, we take an all-hands-on-deck approach to win your case. As part of our proven process, our team will:
  • File your appeal with the VA;
  • Construct a personalized evidence development plan tailored to each claim;
  • Perform cutting-edge service record and medical research;
  • Draft a comprehensive legal brief in support of your appeal; and
  • Routinely follow up with you to provide an update on the status of your case.


Rob Levine & Associates is investigating cases of individuals who were exposed to cancer-causing chemicals at Camp Lejeune and have been diagnosed with cancer or a serious medical condition. Veterans, family members, and contractors may be eligible for compensation, whether you already collected VA benefits for this injury or not.

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