What If I’m In a Car Accident During Quarantine?

What If I’m In a Car Accident During Quarantine?

Life looks a little different right now for everyone. With a stay-at-home order, there are now fewer drivers on the road, which decreases the likelihood of car accidents. However, there are so many workers who risk their lives each day to fight the spread of the Coronavirus. Between medical staff, grocery store employees, mechanics, technical support specialists, and more – there are many essential employees who must commute to work. Although the Coronavirus has put a halt to many industries, it cannot stop our lives from moving forward.

Essential employees who must commute to work are already dealing with the stresses of keeping themselves and their families safe. With social distancing, everyone is trying to limit their physical contact with others. But what happens should you find yourself in a car accident?

If you’re not hurt, keep six feet between you and the other driver.

When in a car accident, you must call the police and exchange contact information with the other driver. However, when you are doing so, maintain a distance of six feet between you and the other driver. While you’re already using your phone to document the scene of the accident, exchange phone numbers with the other driver and send the information through text. Not only will this give you additional documentation should you decide to pursue a case, you will be keeping yourself and the other driver safe.

If you’re hurt, get medical attention!

Although it is important to maintain social distancing, you must get medical help if you are hurt in a car accident. Call 911 and let them know that you were in a car accident and you need medical help. It is unwise to play down your injuries for the sake of keeping social distancing regulations.

You should be staying at home as much as possible and leaving only if you must go to work, buy groceries, or pick up medication. Even with fewer drivers on the road, you could still find yourself in a car accident. If you are injured due to the negligence of another driver, contact the car accident attorneys at Rob Levine & Associates for a free case evaluation. With our Fee Free Policy, you only pay us when we win your case!

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