What to do after a dog bite

What to do after a dog bite

With the weather getting warmer and days getting longer, everyone is slowly stretching out of their winter blues and heading back outdoors, including our furry friends. With this, comes an increased risk of dog bites. It is important for dog owners to follow the necessary precautions to ensure that their dog does not injure other pedestrians.

Tips to avoid dog bites for dog owners

To keep you, your pet, and other pedestrians safe it is necessary to use precaution when in public with your dog.

Stay with your dog

If your dog is outside of your property it is important that you are with your dog at all times. If you leave your pup unsupervised, even for a moment, there could be an accident.

Properly train your dog

Before you take your dog to a public place it is important that he/she is trained. Puppies tend to get overly excited while in public and will bite people or other dogs.

Dogs that are not trained to deal with other humans or animals can become scared or violent and attack out of defense. Before injuring others, make sure your pup is comfortable in a public environment and knows that biting is not allowed. 

Keep your pet on a leash

A leash will help control your pet so that she/he does not attack other pets or people. This will not only help secure your animal, but it will also help you avoid anything that may excite or scare them.

Muzzle if necessary

If your dog is prone to biting, a muzzle may be necessary to make sure that they do not injure anyone. Muzzles are perfectly safe and comfortable for your pup and will help protect them from injuring others unintentionally. This tactic should not be used all the time, but during situations where your dog may feel threatened.

Communicate with others

If your dog is easily scared or does not like interaction, warn others as they approach you. Many times children will come up to your dog and want to pet or play with her/him. If the dog is not friendly, tell the person no to avoid them getting bit.

What to do after a dog bite

Unfortunately not everyone uses precautions in public settings and dog bites do still occur.  This can be a very frantic and confusing scenario when you are in the middle of it.

If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog:

  1. Get the owner’s contact information if they are present
  2. Document the incident
  3. Clean wound(s) with soap and water immediately
  4. Go to a doctor to examine the injury as soon as possible
  5. If injury is severe, call a dog bite lawyer

If your dog has bitten or attacked someone:

  1. Restrain your dog and remove them from the victim
  2. Document the victim’s injuries
  3. Advise them to wash the wound(s) immediately and get checked out by a medical provider
  4. Provide your contact information and any vet records
  5. Obey laws regarding dog bites
  6. Talk to a vet or trainer on preventing your dog from biting

Dog attacks are scary and confusing for both parties. If you have been injured due a dog attack, call Rob Levine & Associates today.

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