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Take a drive around the roundabout on Kingstown Road and you’ll find the South Kingstown personal injury lawyer that you need for your car accident, slip and fall, or workplace injury. Rob Levine & Associates knows that accidents can happen at any time, in any place. We have four locations across Rhode Island to make sure all our neighbors have access to professional legal help. Our South Kingstown office is located on Kingstown Rd, in the Peace Dale Historic District. We can be found just off the roundabout where High St meets Kingstown Rd, easily accessible from the William C. O’Neill Bike Path.

Whether your injury took place at work, on your commute, or while out shopping, attorney Rob Levine will make sure you have access to the legal help you need to get your claim settled. Can’t travel due to your injuries? Don’t worry – one call is all it takes to schedule a free consultation, whenever and wherever is most comfortable for you and your family!




South Kingstown Personal Injury Lawyer with years of experience like ours can assist with everything from negotiating a settlement out of court to taking a case to full trial. Either way, when an attorney is able to effectively negotiate with an insurance company or prove beyond a reasonable doubt that injuries were caused by the negligence of the other party, the end result is a more fair and just settlement. From road rash to broken bones and even loss-of-life events, an experienced lawyer can guide and help those who have been injured in a car accident or other type of accident. Contact Rob Levine today to learn more.


Those who have been injured due to the negligence of another individual are, in most cases, best served by contacting a South Kingstown personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. There are a few important reasons why this is true. For example, evidence and eyewitness testimony can fade and become less useful when too much time is allowed to pass. Another key reason to act quickly after having been injured is that the “statute-of-limitations” is always in play in personal injury cases. Exceeding the “statute-of-limitations” could result in a lost opportunity to recover losses.

It is equally important to have an attorney properly evaluate your case, not only on its individual merits but also with regard the actual value of the claim. Knowing in advance what to expect in terms of a successful settlement can provide a peace of mind that would otherwise not be possible. Those with large medical expenses may also be able to better manage their finances by knowing more about what may lie ahead.

FAQs About Your

Injury or accident case

What should I do after a car accident?
Your health should be your priority. See a healthcare professional and follow their orders. During the case, do not discuss the accident with the at-fault party’s insurance company, as this could unintentionally help build their case against you. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney will help you navigate the process.
  • Dial 911 and report the accident. Let them know if there are any injuries and always request a rescue if you are injured.
  • Never move your vehicle prior to the police arriving.
  • If you are able to exit your vehicle, take pictures of the accident scene from a distance so that you can see all of the vehicles involved and all of the vehicles in one picture. Then take close-up pictures of each vehicle involved. Make sure to include the damage, license plate of the vehicle, and a picture of the driver.
  • If there is a witness to the accident, ask them to wait for the police to arrive so they can give a statement. If they cannot wait, ask if you can take a picture of their identification and then include a picture of them holding their identification that you can read.
  • Once the police arrive, make a statement as to how the accident occurred. Ensure that the police talk to the witness and takes their statement as well. If the witness left prior to the police arrival, show the police officer a picture of the witness and their identification, making sure that, on the police report, they are noted as a witness that had to leave before his arrival.
  • If you are injured, never refuse medical treatment by rescue personnel.  Be transported by rescue to the nearest hospital to get medical treatment.
If the police are unable to respond and you or the other driver need to leave, you have two options:
    1. You and the other driver can agree to follow each other and meet at the police department to make a report.
    2. If you are not going to meet at the police department to make a report, you should exchange the following information to include a copy of their license, motor vehicle registration, insurance card, a picture of their license plate, and a picture of the other driver. Remember, you should have documented photos of the scene of the accident and damages to vehicles as well.
I’m not sure if I have a case.
Many personal injury cases are complex, so consider hiring a personal injury attorney like Rob Levine & Associates.  We will do our best to investigate, obtain the facts, and help you understand your options.  At Rob Levine & Associates, we do not charge for consultations.
What damages can I be compensated for?
If you are a victim of a bus accident, you are entitled to recover the same damages as any other personal injury case, to include: lost wages, medical bills, pain & suffering, property damage, out of pocket expenses, scarring, compensation for any permanent injury, and compensation for any future medical costs.
What happens if I do not feel pain at the scene of the accident?
You must see a healthcare professional right after your accident, whether or not you feel pain. Your body’s natural adrenaline will likely kick in, meaning your body is in initial shock. Once that wears off, you will be able to feel the effects of your injuries.
What typically causes bus accidents?
When a bus is involved in a motor vehicle collision, the negligence can be that of either the bus driver or the other driver. For all of the reasons that any motor vehicle accident occurs, those reasons apply to both the bus driver and the driver of the other car. For example inattentive driving, failure to stop at a stop sign, not clearing a lane before changing lanes, failure to stop in traffic, and rear-ending another vehicle. In addition, motor vehicle accidents specific to a bus could occur due to a driver’s exhaustion, inadequate screening or training, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or the bus company's failure to maintain the equipment or vehicle.
What should I do after a bus accident?
  • If you are involved in a bus accident and you are injured, make sure either you or someone else has dialed 911 to request a rescue as well as the police to document the accident.
  • The bus driver should be creating a list of all the passengers on the bus at the time of the accident. Ensure that your name is written on the list, then take a picture of the list and the bus driver holding the list.
  • Ensure you receive a receipt showing proof that you were on the bus. Take a picture of the receipt to preserve it.
  • Take pictures of the damage to the bus, any vehicles involved in the accident, and/or any items damaged, i.e., a tree.
  • If you are injured, do not refuse medical attention. Be transported by rescue to the nearest or most appropriate hospital for treatment.

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